The high pressure decorative laminate from Nouveau is the most durable and versatile covering in the market.

It is a prime covering suitable for many applications like in furniture, commercial premises, walls, floors, partitions, ceilings, facades and many others.  A modern and anti-allergy product, which combines the beauty and strength, practicality and hygiene.  Compared to panels of low pressure, the Nouveau covering has much higher resistance.  

As the pictures show, Nouveau has on its surface a film of overlay 100% impregnated with melamine, giving it a higher resistance to abrasion on the use of day-to-day.  The decorative laminate from Nouveau meets internation standards of quality. 

Resistance to Heat

The High Pressure decorative laminate from Nouveau are different from the plastic coverings (PET and PVC) and covered panels. It can withstand high temperature (135°c) and it does not melt when you put a hot pan on it.

Resistance to Moisture and Stains

Nouveau decorative laminates are very resistant to stains and moisture due to its non porous surface.

Resistance to Impacts and Scratches

The process of manufacturing high pressure laminates from Nouveau gives the product a sufficient density to withstand the impact and scratches of different types of objects on its surface from day-to-day use.

Hygenic and Anti - Allergy

As its surface is non porous, the laminate from Nouveau does not retain dirt and inhibits the proliferati

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning of Nouveau laminates only requires a damp cloth in water with mild soap or detergent.