ECOCELL is the most creative, eco friendly product with incomparable physical properties for a very wide range of applications in both interiors as well as exteriors. ECOCELL’s special properties include being 100% waterproof, light weight and a highly durable, versatile surface.  It’s perfect for use in Alfresco Kitchen cabinets, Toilet cubicles Floorboards for Transportables, Cars, Buses, Trains and Yachts.  It is workable by ordinary carpentry tools with conventional handling methods. This makes it a most convenient and cost effective material. 

Unmatched properties of ECOCELL:

  •  Resistance to chemical, water, termite etc.
  •  Rot and sag free
  •  Excellent sound, thermal and electrical insulators
  •  Light weight, high flexural strength and impact resistant
  •  Fire retardant
  •  Maintenance free
  •  Dimensionally stable – does not warp or swell 
  •  Easy thermoforming
  •  Superior finish on both sides
  •  Economic and space saving material
  •  Easy bonding with any material as well as with ECOCELL itself 

The main applications of ECOCELL are as follows: 


Media and advertising is a large industry and is growing all the time. Hence there is a requirement for different types of versatile materials. PVC Foam Sheets is one of these materials which is light in weight , very good for printing, flat for picture molding, highly resistant to flame and not affected by rain & moisture. Hence it is perfectly suited for this industry or rather we must say that it is invented for this industry. It is also very cost effective being very light and as it is available in many colours to avoid double printing costs.

Sign boards, letter displays, decoration of shops, windows, exhibition stands etc. 

Building sector 

Shop – fitting, interior decoration, zones of high humidity (bathroom etc.) air – conditioning and ventilation systems, heat and sound insulation, shutter ply etc. 


Benches, doors, windows, table, counters, cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, cots, dressing tables etc. 

Prefabricated Huts 

Instant solution for your need of Houses, Site Offices, Class Rooms, Bath Rooms, Hospitals, Camp Site , Terrace Rooms, Beach House, Security Rooms, Cellular Phone Shelter, Farm house etc. 

Electrical Engineering 

Switch cabinets, channels for cables & wires, control panels. 


Construction of containers, apparatus, models, equipment for photographic laboratories, electroplating, traffic signs, building site boards, dance floors, computer rooms etc. 

Surface finish 

Smooth glossy, semi glossy, matt printed and wood like veneer or marble and granite design etc. Specific colour or length or finish can be developed on request. 

Cold Storage 

Due to excellent thermal insulation property, resistant to water/ moisture and totally non ferrous surface, ECOCELL provides an ultimate material for cold storage and the food industry. 

Physical Specifications

Available in a vast array of colours i.e. super white, Ivory, grey etc. and in wood finish like King’s Maple, French wild cherry, Plateau Mahogany, stone Oak, Elegant Walnut, etc.


can be easily and quickly worked with standard tools used for wood. It can be cut, turned, drilled, planned, milled, screwed, polished and much more. To prevent breaking and splintering the tools must be sharp, it is not necessary to cool the tools. One generally works at high cutting speed, low forward feed and low rate of cut. 


To some extent the ECOCELL sheets are suitable for Vacuum forming. Bending & folding can be easily done when heated up. 


 can be welded as per normal welding methods. But a lot of care should be taken otherwise the Foam might collapse. 


 sheets can be bonded to other material and to itself. Depending on the requirement and application, different types of adhesives can be used. When bonding to itself adhesives containing solvent-free polyurethane adhesives are suitable. 


Due to its smooth surface, ECOCELL can be easily painted and printed. The surface is ideal for screen-printing for which special inks are used. The surface should be clean for printing purpose. 

Fixing recommendations

 sheets are made of thermoplastic PVC and therefore vary more in length than e.g. timber or metal working materials. When installing screen-printed advertisement boards in e.g. Cricket stadium or when fixing curtain walling or cladding, a possible expansion of the sheets has always to be taken into consideration. The appropriate fixing depends on the type of applications. 



Dielectric Loss Factor

2.10 320.103

Tensile Strength


Thermal Conductivity

25mm Section 0.0616 : w/m.k




25 MM Section 1.8 w/m2k

Impact Strength


Coefficient of Dilation at 20°C

0.6 – 0.7

Shore Hardness

Min 60

Dielectric Strength


Vicat Softening Point


Water Absorption percentage


Elastic Modulus

1000-1400 N/mm2

Fire Retardancy

Self Extinguishable

Flexural Strength


Mechanical Strength

Conforms to CI.No.5.4 of IS:5133(Pt.2)-1969

Surface Resistant


Stability at High Temperature

CI. No. 5.6 of IS : 5133(Pt.2) – 1969

Dielectric Puncture Strength


Resistance to abnormal heat and Fire

CI. No. 9.15 of IS : 8828 – 1996



NF P92-501


Great Britain

BS 476 Part 7

Class 1

United States

UL 94


Relative Permitivity Range

1.9 – 2.0